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spn_drabble's Journal

SPN_Drabble Central
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SPN t.v. show related 100 word drabble community
About SPN Drabble Central: This community is for 100 word drabbles involving at least one character from the television show, Supernatural. There will be weekly drabble prompts/challenges (see link on sidebar) which may consist of words, phrases, lyrics or pictures. All drabbles consistent with the community rules are welcome and do not have to use the prompts.

Your moderators are virtualpersonal and softbluebuddy. Welcome!


  1. Each Drabble must be exactly 100 words. All non-complying posts will be deleted.

  2. Each drabble must feature an SPN character but may be a cross-over with any other fandom.

  3. So long as rule number 2 is met, there may be original characters. However, there will be no RPs (Real Persons).

  4. Cut-tags must be used for more than one drabble in a post, and for posts rated R and above. If a prompt was used, that should be stated in the header.

  5. Posts must include information about pairings, ratings, and warnings. Anything from gen fic to NC-17 is acceptable. All pairings (et, slash, Wincest) acceptable.

  6. No other restrictions on pairings or content. Use your discretion. No flaming. And most importantly, have fun!

  7. This community is set to "Adult Concepts." If you are not over 18, do not view NC-17 rated posts.

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