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"Reprieve" (Sam, Dean, PG)

Title: Reprieve
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Dean, Sam (Gen, Drabble)
Rating: PG
Summary (Season 4): This had to be a trick…
Author's Notes: For Day 4 of the 8 Days challenge at samdean_otp.


Another chance...


"Like Old Times" (Sam/Dean, PG)

Title: Like Old Times
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Sam/Dean (Slash, Drabble)
Rating: PG
Summary: Some things, you never outgrow.
Author's Notes: Sam/Dean and 'legroom' for deirdre_c.


Old habits aren't necessarily bad ones...

Rehearsal (Acoustics 'Verse)

Title:  Rehearsal
Characters:  Evil!Sam, Dean, OFC
Genre:  Pre-slash,
Word Count: 100
Rating: R
Summary:  Sam has to try some things out before he can use them on Dean.
A/N:  Warnings:  This is a very dark series.  Sam has no redeeming characteristics.  Dean's life is one of pain and torture at Sam's hand.
A/N: Thirty-second drabble in the Acoustics 'verse.   First drabble can be found here:  Acoustics


She’s a singer; classically trained, Sam thinks. )


A Full Ride

Story Title: A Full Ride
Character/Relationships: Sam, Dean, John
Rating: G
Genre: Gen, pre-series
Summary:  Sam was just going to college
Warnings: none
A/N:   Written for the sixth round of  [info]drabble_las   Prompt was: the calm before the storm. 

There’s a bus ticket in Sam’s pocket, his duffle’s packed, and he hasn’t told his family that he’s leaving. )


...and also much drabble (spn, gen, pg)

Here are 7 drabbles for my friends catered to their interests, including: 
a poem about Sam's madness in Hell for  zagzagael
a samndean drabble on Fly like an Eagle for bardicvoice
a samndean casefic about non-sparkly vampires for  quickreaver
SPN meets This American Life for kalliel 
an angsty bromance for elliemurasaki 
a Phoenix drabble for tifaching 
and a season finale!sam drabble on the Law of Inverse Value for laespada 

all gen, pg, sam and dean

The HPOE Updates

Series: The HPOE Saga
Author: hunters_retreat 
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Series: The HPOE Saga
Summary: Sam finds a hunt that Dean has trouble believing in.

*Updated Chapters*

Fairytale Ending
Snow White's Scary Adventure

Riding Nemo 
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
Title: You Never Forget Your First
Pairing: Bela/Dean
Rating: R
Author's Notes: Written for morebutterfly's prompt Bela/Dean, bone at the spn_bitesized Niblets II challenge.
Warnings: It's set in Hell. 'Nough said?
Summary: Alastair made sure it would be memorable.

( You Never Forget Your First )


'Scratching at the Wall' [PG] Sam, gen

Title: Scratching at the Wall
Character: Sam
Rating: PG, gen
Length: 100 words
Thanks to: My beta, tifaching, who helped me piece together two very different versions of this drabble.
Author's Notes: The last 30 seconds of 'Unforgiven' was so unfortunate, I decided that I needed to write my own version.
Summary: Don't look for what you don't want to find.

Read ( Scratching at the Wall )


A Soldier At Six

Story Title: A Soldier At Six
Character/Relationships: Dean Winchester, John Winchester
Rating: G
Warnings: None
A/N:   Written for the second round of  [info]drabble_las   Prompt was: If you knew I was dying, would it change anything?
Also # 17for    365drabbles

Watch out for Sammy. That’s been his job since the night of the fire and he’s old enough now to take the next step. )